Reading & Interview: Elliot Perlman

Author Elliot Perlman introduces and reads his short story “Good Morning, Again” then sits down with Alice Walker to discuss men who […]


Book Review – Balaclava Junction

Written by Ted Janet Illustrated by Baruch Inbar Published by Gonzo Comics (2015)            Although Balaclava Junction may […]


Book Review: Wolf in White Van

John Darnielle Published by Scribe (2014)   John Darnielle, perhaps better known for his work as a vocalist and composer for the […]


Interview: David Brooks with a poetry reading from Open House

Madeleine Stuchbery and Andrew Kelso heard writer David Brooks read “In the Kingdom of Shadows” and “Freight” from his book of poems […]


Hunter S. Thompson’s 10th Anniversary Wake

Madeleine Stuchbery attended gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s 10th Anniversary Wake at Cherry Bar to hear fellow writer David Langsam read from […]


Monday: Scott’s first novel ‘Tommy Tapir Who Had No Friends’ – a dramatic reading

Scott reads his debut novel – which he wrote as a five-year-old – to Maddy and Producer Ash. It tells the tale […]

Need a Helping Hand?

Are the Montagues and Capulets stopping you from seeing your beloved? Are you waiting for your ‘deus ex machina’ to come and […]